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2007-11-11 session

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Body Optimization 2007-11-11 session


A session on BodyOptimization.


Organizers: Tantek Çelik, Noelle Murata


Raw notes


  • goals
    • what do you care more about, short term "highs" (not that different from drugs), or longer term health, happiness, and life for that matter


    • mental capacity/stamina physical fitness affecting mental capacity/stamina
      • example: World Chess Championships - Kasparov vs. Karpov


  • challenging misconceptions assumptions and bad methods (citations needed)
    • treat everything with drugs (example)
    • fad diets (South Beach)
    • short term diets (72 hour...)
    • crash dieting
    • Atkins dangers - saturated fats, heart disease etc.


  • methodologies
    • science
    • metrics ( BodyOptimizationMetrics )
      • physiological metrics (measuring things about your body)
      • performance metrics (measuring what your body can do)
      • analogy to code metrics: size/quality of code vs. performance/speed. both matter.


  • emotional / psychological issues
    • how do you figure out how to turn "i'm hungry" into what your body actually needs
    • how to respond rationally to hunger rather than limbicly


  • techniques
    • in general ( BodyOptimizationTechniques )
      • general methodology for body optimization techniques and hacks
    • at home
    • typical work day
    • weekends
  • more challenging scenarios
    • social events (parties, meals eaten out)
    • travel
    • conferences
    • buffets
    • post injury (thus placing limits on physical exercise techniques, as well as increasing emotional burden)


  • putting into practice
    • try one or more of the techniques during the remaining meals, and note how you feel afterwards


  • additional notes

active senior citizens tend to be more mentally sharp than the ones that sit around and watch tv all day. i'm pretty sure there's been some study done on that.

more convalescent = more spacey

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